Club Objectives 2 of 4

2. Volunteering

Our Club relies upon volunteers. No member, athlete, coach, helper, supporter or committee person receives any payments for their services and they freely offer their time to enable the Club to thrive.
Many members of the committee help out in various capacities over and above those duties required of them; many of them take on roles not covered by others in the club. For example our Secretary is also a welfare officer, coach, time keeper, race organiser, books the track events & completes the forms etc.
Our Treasurer is a coach, race organiser for Spen 20 & Greenway 10k, takes entries for some events on road and cross country, and a race adjudicator. Our Membership Secretary is also a Field Judge, and our Webmaster. He also liaises with England Athletics recording athlete’s data etc.
Other Committee Members organise the Training Night admissions and register, submit the payments to the treasurer, assists the membership secretary by taking forms and the register, attend meetings & liaises with Kirklees Active Leisure regarding the use of the facility. They also carry out the booking of presentation night venues, orders medals and trophies, collect trophies and arrange for them to be engraved.
Some volunteers and Committee Members help with the catering, running the tuck shop and visits to the wholesalers to maintain stocks and prepares food etc.; ensuring we can hold a Health & Hygiene Certificate. There are fundraisers and the Club vests, shorts, hoodies and t-shirts all need to be ordered and sold.
There are Coaches, Team Managers, Track Judges, Field Judges & EDM operators and helpers for first aid. Some volunteers keep an inventory of equipment and checks, even fix equipment and maintain the garage and equipment containers.
Courses for cross country and road races need to be laid out and marshalled, for events hosted by the club. Entries need to be taken, programmes put together and events registered. Our Grand Prix of races for members needs to be organized and managed.
Some Officials represent the club at higher meetings i.e. Olympics etc., and are event referees. There is also representation at other groups, such as Northern Masters, YADAL League and the Bradford Area Network, and acting as advisers on track layout with KAL regarding maintenance and regulations.
Our Accreditation (for England Athletics) is due every 3 years, with documentation needing to be prepared and updated, which is a big task to ensure the safe and proficient running of the Club. All members, young and old, applaud all those who work tirelessly for the Club.